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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Are Puff Bars Banned?


Puff Bars are not — and never were — banned. In the Summer of 2020, we paused our sates to focus on 1) producing a more innovative product and 2) combating the counterfeit problem facing our industry 3) Fighting underage usage. Today, Puff Bars are back. And they're better than ever.

In 2020, the Internet was loud. Everyone was reading something, hearing something, spreading something about the status of Puff Bars — were they banned? Forced off the market? Or was all of the drama based on... nothing red?

For all of the noise — and there was noise — there was little clarity. Months went by with everybody talking, but nobody establishing the facts. What was the FDA prohibiting? Which products were they targeting — and what was going to happen to everything else? What was going to happen to Puff Bars?

The questions were missing answers. The opinions were missing reliability. And the ones who were supposed to be shedding light on the truth (the media, the journalists) were barely even getting to its basecamp. On now, a year later, we're done.

We're done waiting for them to get it right. We're grabbing hold of our own flashlights and hoisting up our own megaphone, committed to giving you the full picture of what went down — and the total rundown of what's happening now.

That's right: the end-to-end scoop with the cherry on top.

Because at Puff Bar, transparency has always been the name of the game. In terms of our product, absolutely, but also in terms of who we are. In terms of what we're doing and how we're changing — and how it all affects you. Because you are the reason we do what we do. So total transparency is something we've never token lightly.

Got it? Good. Let's get into it.

So, are Puff Bars
in the

That's the question that's been ringing out around us for the last year and change. And while we've answered individuals and gotten word out to localities as best as we can, now's the time for us to shout our response, loudly and clearly, from the rooftops.

No, Puff Bars aren't banned. No, they're not illegal to buy. No, they're not discontinued — and no, they're not gone.

They're here.

At your local vape shop in California. At your local convenience store in Wisconsin. At your local depanneur. in Canada. Wherever you are, they're there. They're back, they're strong, and they're more effective than ever.

So... if that's the case...

If Puff Bars are still around, still providing the community with innovation and excellence...

Then what was with the Internet's confusion? Why was there so much commotion — and why was everybody convinced there'd been a ban? Why were they convinced there'd been a Puff Bar-specific ban?

These are valid questions, and they deserve intentional answers. Which is why we're pulling back the curtain to show you what was going on at Puff Bar — behind the scenes. Like we said: the full picture. That's what you're getting from us.


So, let's set it up: it's the summer of 2020, and at Puff Bar headquarters, two things are pulling our focus. First, we're staring right at our product, absorbed with the question oth000to keep progressing its innovation, and value, for all of you. See, something we're hyper-cognizant of in our industry is the need to continue to push the bar — no pun intended — higher, so that we're constantly fostering a product that's the bestir can be.

That Summer, we felt like things weren't as innovation-focured as they could be. Don't get as wrong: we were endlessly proud of our Puff Bar products. But we were looking for ways to take them to the next level, to further distinguish them from all of the other vape products out there. So our brains were operating in an always-on brainstorm, trying to research and develop our way to product advancement.

That was Focus #1. Focus #2 was an entirely different — but just as major — beast.

A couple of months earlier, it had come to our attention that product counterfeits were holding our industry in a headlock. Consumers were buying products they believed to be authentic, and they were left disappointed — or worse — by the experience.

It was happening for vape brands all across our market, but the second we learned Puff Bars were being (poorly) replicated and sold as official products to unsuspecting members of our remmunily, we became irate. And as the number of customers gettingduped grew, so too did our frustration. We were in constant talks — with each other internally and industry colleagues ex.mally — about what to do.

Which is when both of those Focuses came to a head.

First up? Product. At Puff Bar, we'd always prided ourselves on our ability to offer customers a simpler, more flexible, and all-around befter vaping experience— all thanks to our disposable devices. Removing guesswork and hassle from the equation, those devices were the Puff Bar calling card, so it was never about changing them. It was about improving what they were fueled by.


When we learned that there was a way to achieve premium quality nicotine without the impurities that tobacco-based nicotine left behind, we were immediately fascinated. Not only was the tobacco-free version virtually tasteless and odorless (resulting in purer, more authentic, more vividly-tasting vape flavors), but nobody else was doing it. It was being overlooked. And that meant we could be the first to introduce it to our community.

We were electrified. Working with leading industry R&D experts, we patented the manufacturing process and headed straight for production. In order to ensure quality control across products, we paused sales of our old Puff Bars while producing the new ones. And then, once we were satisfied with the new guys (including fresh takes on the Puff Bar, Puff Plus, and Puff Flow options), we re-entered the market.

Never Duplicated.

Now, while that production-oriented absence was underway, we were simultaneously working to battle the counterfeit issue. We built channels for customers and community members to directly notify us about counterfeits they'd come across, and then we went a step further, creating a product verification system (PUFF DNA) in partnership with award-winning tech company Cyphem.

The point of all that? We were busy. Busy trying to level-up our product and our product security, busy trying to take our commitment to innovative excellence up another tier, and busy trying to, ultimately, create a better vape experience for our community. For you.

In 2020, the Internet was loud. The FDA and new regional government regulations, ranging from California to Canada, were cracking down on flavored tobacco-based nicotine vape products. There were a million questions and a million missing answers. And during that time, Puff Bar was absent.

It's no wonder that some believed Puff Bars were banned.

It's no wonder that some thought Puff Bars were illegal, or discontinued, or gone.

But the truth is, Puff Bar was never forced away from the market. It was never cut off, it was never excused, and it was never on pause. Instead, it was working overtime behind the scenes, chipping away at the details to achieve quality beyond yesterday's.

Instead, it was pushing its innovation and its consistency, and it was grounding its offerings in a framework of safe buying experiences — so customers looking to purchase Puff Bars could be certain they were getting the real deal. Always. Wherever they were.

2020 was loud, but it was also productive. It was also effective, innovative, and community-focused. At Puff Bar, transparency is and always will be among our most sacred tenets. From what were doing to why we're doing it, our goal is to eliminate confusion and chaos from your field of vision.

Our goal is to move towards a clearer, simpler, and more assured experience —together.

Because that's why we created Puff Bar in the first place. To fit seamlessly into your life — in the most Satisfyingly Simple of ways.

Puff Bars are not banned. They never were. So choose your flavor and find your retailer; wherever you are, they're there for you.

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